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d  o  w  n  l  o  a  d   . . .

r e l e a s e s . . . 

so far xmltVR3 is mainly delivered as a source tar-ball, available through soureforge's file release system.
Furthermore you'll find a file named xmltVR3.gz there, which is a gzip-compressed snowed binary, in case you don't want to compile first. It's compiled with libz- and lircd (remote control) support.

click here in order to get to Sourceforge's FRS.

c v s   a c c e s s . . . 

since I'm currently putting much effort into the program, xmltVR3 is progressing fast. If you'd like to test the bleeding edge version, you may want to check out CVS HEAD version, available from

xmltVR3 is subject of the GNU General Public License, Version 2 or any later
for details please have a look at the COPYING file, within the source tarball
Copyright © 2004 by Stefan Siegl <>, Germany