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s  c  r  e  e  n  s  h  o  t  s   . . .

s t a r t u p - s c r e e n s h o t   ( E P G ) . . . 

that's how xmltVR3 looks right after starting up. The quality of the displayed (rotated) text is much better on the real Agenda.

the information is displayed in a rotated manner, since that way there is more space available. At the top (aka left edge of the window) you can find some more information on the currently selected show.


d e t a i l s - t a b . . . 

choosing the Details-Tab you can have a look at the more detailed information on the show, currently selected in the EPG view. screenshot

t h a t ' s   i t ? . . . 

xmltVR3 doesn't yet have more functionality, therefore I am not able to serve more screenshots :-)

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for details please have a look at the COPYING file, within the source tarball
Copyright © 2004 by Stefan Siegl <>, Germany